Know your fruit


Tangerines originally come from tropical regions in Asia. It’s believed that their color originates from the suits that the ancient Chinese mandarins wore.

In Chinese medicine, it is considered a first-class raw material. The pulp contains vitamin C, vitamin B, citric acid, reducing sugar and carotene.

The fruit’s skin contains essential oils as well as glucoside and its seeds have fatty oils, proteins and bitter substances.

Tangerines have bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties suitable for treating ulcers and helping the intestines and digestion.

They’re so easy to peel and eat that tangerines have become one of children’s favorite fruits, since not only are they sweet and refreshing, but are packed with nutrients. Thus, they should be consumed at any age. Its nice pleasant sweetness and low acid taste combined with the softness of tangerines pulp make it one of the world’s most popular citric fruit.  

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