Juver Alimentación is aware of modern-day consumers’ preference for increasingly natural products, made using real raw materials, without artificial ingredients and as unprocessed as possible (fully preserving its properties while being safe to consume).
With this in mind, for many years, Juver has been offering a sugar-free alternative for consumers, and it is now taking a step further, launching a new 100%FREE RANGE, with no added sugars, preservatives or colouring.
Juver 100% FREE is presented in a Tetra Prisma 1L format and in pineapple, peach and apple flavours. The three varieties are made from a mixture of squeezed juices or fruit purees and concentrated juices, aiming to achieve the best flavour with all the fruits.
Juver only uses natural ingredients in the preparation of these products, a concept that is made very clear in the design that includes a highly visual depiction of the number of pieces of fruit in each container and the equivalent amount of fruit in a 200 ml glass

Discover the 100% FREE range.

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